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The coffee world is complex and exciting. New discoveries are happening, innovations are being made, new champions are being crowned and new businesses are being launched. There are also lots of challenges making carving out a successful career and competing in this industry being a challenge. There is a ton of opportunity in the industry, but you need to give you and your company the best chance of success.


SCA's Coffee Skills Program is one of the best ways of doing this. Its courses are designed to help baristas, company owners, and hobbyists learn how to brew consistently great coffee and offer the type of service that will help you stand out among the crowd.  Whether you are taking the course in preparation to launch a new business, learn how to brew better coffee at home, or to launch your career as a coffee educator, Incommon wants to work with you to make your goals possible.

Not only will you develop valuable and knowledge and skills in these courses, students that pass the required written and practical exams will receive a globally-recognized certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association for each course that is successfully completed. In addition, to this, each course gives students credits toward receiving the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma. 

Courses at Incommon

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Introduction to Coffee is an ideal course for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or just has an interest in this wonderful drink.


From coffee process, roasting, brewing to tasting, this course gives a general overview of coffee’s supply chain. This half day course also includes a coffee cupping which allows you to taste the various flavors of coffee.

Barista Skills covers everything related to espresso and is extremely helpful if you are wanting to improve your barista skills or open your own coffee shop. 


From pulling shots, to steaming, milk, you'll learn proper work flow, and quickly develop the skills to make espresso based beverages you are proud to serve. 

Brewing is a course that dives deep into the world of brewed coffee. These course is ideal for baristas or coffee enthusiasts and helps you understand coffee extraction. 

From grinding, to pouring, to choose a suitable brew method, you'll learn how to achieve a great extraction resulting in a cup that is well balanced and complex. 

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