This is Trent, our Head of Coffee. He loves slowing down to enjoy coffee and he enjoys helping other people do the same. When he isn’t designing our roastery space or brewing, he is reading books, repotting house plants, and watching cartoons with his daughter, Aliyah. Trent is passionate about working with excellence and having fun while doing it!⁣


This is Caleb (İsmet)! He's our head coffee roaster. His favorite coffee beverage is a well-made Cortado... emphasis on well made. He is passionate about making the world a better place and seeing things improve. Since working with us, he has become passionate about improving the lives of those who grow and produce the coffee that we all love drinking which is one of the reasons that we love him so much. He has been invaluable in helping us get our company up and running. We really couldn't have done it without him. ⁣




This is Christine, our social media strategist, content creator, and resident cheerleader. She's the voice behind much of what you see on our IG and Facebook (except for this post:)) When not online, you'll often find her working on writing projects over a cappuccino and being an amazing mother to our resident baby barista, Aliyah. Christine helps us all remember not to take ourselves too seriously and to appreciate and celebrate even the smallest things in life. ⁣



Ahmet is full of creative ideas and suggestions to make your whole coffee experience even more engagıng.  He is the roaster of our Average Bear brand and ensures that your coffee has a great flavor at all hours of the day. His personal favorite is an Ethipioa coffee brewed with the V60, best enjoyed outside in the fresh mountain air.

IMG_7048 (1).jpg



Aysu is in charge of our brewing bar. She was distant to coffee until she met specialty coffee 4 years ago.  This was before she learned that coffee is actually a fruit in which you can find different taste notes every time. Aysu's favorite brewing method is Aeropress. For her, the Aeropress gives the most freedom to be creative with the coffee. Her current favorite bean is Ethiopian Damo.